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I haven't really shared much about money saving on the blog but it's been a big part of my life for many years.  It was only me and my mum growing up and times were hard with little support. I admire my mum immensely for keeping a roof over our head whilst she worked so hard and dealt with an undiagnosed autistic child. I spent a lot of time scouring Money Saving Expert to try and find ways to make the pennies stretch a bit further. It became a bit of an obsession, I'd talk for hours about mortgage overpayments, debt management and how to stretch a cooked chicken into four meals. I was only 15 and absolutely in love with Martin Lewis and the idea of 'one-upping' the system and getting more for my money. It's something that has become ingrained in me and is a huge part of who I am. Now more than ever it's important to look after the pennies, family life isn't cheap and daily living just keeps getting more and more expensive. The internet has opened up so many more money saving and money making opportunities and I'm keen to explore them in more depth. So let's start with the Numbrs app. 

How Do I Make Money With Numbrs?

Numbrs is a banking app that aims to make money management simple and easy. It's a paid for service but we're going to utilise the FREE two week trial to hopefully make a profit. The app usually costs £10.99 per month on a monthly subscription. It costs £83.99 for an annual subscription which equates to £6.99 a month. If you plan on keeping and using the app then obviously the annual subscription is the best option. It's also the best option for this FREE potentially money making option. 

When you first download and subscribe to Numbrs you are automatically given a free trial. If you sign up for the annual subscription you get 2 weeks free trial. Why is this free trial so important? because it gives you access to PayDay- the apps exclusive weekly prize draw that gives users the chance to win a share of £50k in cash. 

Simply download and subscribe to Numbrs then wait and see if you've won. That's it. If you've won you'll be notified when you click on the payday tab within the app. The money is usually paid into your account within a day.

Make sure you cancel your subscription within the trial period to avoid being charged. You can cancel immediately and still be eligible for the prize draw. You unsubscribe directly with your app provider, if you downloaded with Apple, you cancel with Apple. If you download from Play Store, you cancel your subscription via Play Store. It's important to note that just uninstalling the app does NOT cancel your subscription.

How Much Cash Can I Make From Numbrs?

Infinite amounts if you keep a subscription to the app, hopefully a minimum of £15 if you stick to the free trial. With most competitions the chances of winning are slim-purely because there are so few prizes available. Numbrs is different- there are hundreds of prizes up for grabs every single week. In my first week I was up a tenner (after exchange £8.39). In my second week I won double the amount so £16.78. I made over £25 from my two week trial and the money was paid into my account within a day.

My Personal Opinion 

I actually really like the app for money management. I like how you can monitor your income and outgoings for several bank accounts. It's handy that you can link up your loyalty cards so you've got them all in one place and it's helpful that you can also link your cryptocurrency accounts. It's actually a really nifty app that's probably worth the monthly fee but you're here to save money so as a money making method do I recommend it? Absolutely, it takes a few minutes to download and sign up, it's simple to unsubscribe and you stand a good chance of winning. Definitely worth a few minutes work.

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