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'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.

Thankfully the weather has drastically improved and we've been spending every spare second outside, playing and sorting out the garden borders. 

One of my favourite aspects of the new house is the garden. We had a decent size garden in our previous house but it had no grass due to the dogs allergies and wasn't child friendly at all. In our new house we have enough outside space to provide a grass free area for the dog and a glorious large grassy space for Iris to play. 

Iris loves to be outdoors and is a touch feral to be honest! Our poor neighbours must be fed up of hearing her squealing at 9am every day. She loves to spot aeroplanes and her favourite activity is spreading her arms and 'zooming' round the garden just like a plane. I love just having a basic patch of grass for her to play on, it really encourages her to use her imagination and create ways to play. 

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Living Arrows


  1. It looks like she absolutely loves the grass! What a novelty that must be! x

  2. Such a lovely photo, love the bright colours and that little grin on her face! x #LivingArrows


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