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I am one of the original creators of Robinsons Triad. I worked alongside Jackie Robinson on her PHD project and formed part of the research team that developed the framework. Below you will find the published work I have consulted on and contributed to. If you would like to get in touch with me regarding my work on Robinson's Triad or to enquire about my consultancy work please do get in touch via email: using ACG as the subject. 

2012 Launch Conference for Robinsons Triad.

Previously known as The Triad Of Understanding I helped develop and launch the framework to industry experts including the Nottinghamshire Aspergers Team and The National Autistic Society.

My role within the research stages involved creating questionnaires, collating and analysing qualitative data, running focus groups and transcribing the data from them.

The Westminster Commission On Autism- A Spectrum Of Obstacles.

Robinson's Triad was used throughout this inquiry into services for those with autism. 

Work involved meeting and collaborating with members of the team, sharing my personal experiences of life with Aspergers and explaining how Robinson's Triad could be used to help those with autism. 

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