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I am one of the original creators of Robinsons Triad. I worked alongside Jackie Robinson on her PHD project and formed part of the research team, known as The Aspergers Consultation Group, that developed the framework. Below you will find the published work I have consulted on and contributed to. If you would like to get in touch with me regarding my work on Robinson's Triad or to enquire about my consultancy work please do get in touch via email: using ACG as the subject. 

2012 Launch Conference for Robinsons Triad.

Previously known as The Triad Of Understanding I helped develop and launch the framework to industry experts including the Nottinghamshire Aspergers Team and The National Autistic Society.

My role within the research stages involved creating questionnaires, collating and analysing qualitative data, running focus groups and transcribing the data from them.

This was a particularly special piece of work as it featured the way in which Robinsons Triad was created rather than the triad itself. The book focuses on how groups work and it featured how the Aspergers Consultation Group worked together to create our Triad.  

Typically those with Aspergers are seen as 'loners' and unable to work in a group but our group work has disproved that. Jackie's initial phd project focused on people with Aspergers being the researchers, not just the partcipants. We created, conducted, evaluated and presenting our Triads as a group, something that was a rarity at the time. People with Aspergers can and do work together, this book proves that.

I was lucky to meet some of the other groups that feature in this book and it was very emotional listening to other people's stories. Attending the book launch was a wonderful experience, having people ask me to sign their books was something I'll never forget.

Groupwork, Volume 24, Special Issue.

This academic journal means so much to me. It was the first time my name had been printed as the author of a piece. Having grown up loving books and wanting to be an author this was a personal highlight.

As in the book above, this journal focuses on groupwork and how The Aspergers Consultation Group managed to create a successful partnership in order to conduct our research and present our findings.

Filming 'Like You But Different'

We've had the support of De Montfort University throughout our project and have been provided with many opportunities. The group recorded a film that is currently being used in the pharmacy department to help train future pharmacists to use Robinsons Triad within their work settings. We have been involved in providing teaching sessions and have also presented Robinsons Triad as a key note speech to staff at De Montfort to assist them in working with students with disabilities. 

The Westminster Commission On Autism- A Spectrum Of Obstacles.

Robinson's Triad was used throughout this inquiry into services for those with autism. 

Work involved meeting and collaborating with members of the team, sharing my personal experiences of life with Aspergers and explaining how Robinson's Triad could be used to help those with autism. 

Developing Mutual Understanding

I really enjoyed creating this resource.  This workbooklet was designed to be used alongside a carer/social worker to aid mutual understanding. It features questions that can be worked through together to assist both parties to gain understanding of themselves and the person the are working with. It follows the principles set out with Robinsons Triad that mutual understanding and mutual responsibility are key to a successfully supportive relationship.

Future Work

It is with immense sadness that I write that Jackie Robinson (nee. Martin) sadly passed away from Pancreatic cancer. It was sudden and devastating for everyone who knew her. She was a beacon for those with Aspergers and a guiding light for me personally. 

Though the Aspergers Consultation Group has disbanded since Jackie's death, I am still working with her colleague on a book that will detail the complete Robinsons Triad in full. I still wish to occupy my role as Autism advocate and I hope to do so on this blog, in my personal life and working with others. If you would like to discuss my advocacy work please email me with ACG in the subject. 

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