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'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.

Iris loves Paw Patrol. Most kids have phases where they enjoy different characters but Paw Patrol seems to have outlived all previous phases and has been going strong for over a year now. Her birthday party Paw Patrol themed, her presents were all Paw Patrol based and she's asked for a Paw Patrol bedroom when her room gets painted next month so what better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon than a trip to our local cinema to see the movie.

Iris loves the cinema, we've had a few opportunities to go for free and she's loved it every time so we felt quite confident paying full price to take her. As it was a treat we indulged in popcorn, sweets and fizzy drinks. Iris sat brilliantly through the whole film, only taking 3 toilet breaks which is somewhat miraculous! There were only two other families in the cinema with us so it felt quite relaxed and covid safe as we were so far away from everyone else. They also had young children so it wasn't a worry when Iris got a bit fidgety towards the end as all the children had been up and down throughout the film. 

Needless to say Iris loved the film but surprisingly so did I! There was a particular part with Rubble and a toupee that actually had me laugh-crying! Growing up we never had any spare money for things like cinema trips so getting to do these things now as a family makes me really happy- the only downside is that now she wants all the merchandise!

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Living Arrows


  1. Oh bless, my little lady went to the cinema for the first time in almost two years this week and she too enjoyed it. So nice for them to be back doing 'normal' things!

  2. Ours had a huge Paw Patrol phase, loved it for years. They've only recently stopped enjoying it as much. I'm so pleased Iris loves it too x

  3. Paw Patrol has been a firm favourite with both the boys too. And it did seem to last longer than many of the others. I can’t remember the last time me went to the cinema. Great you enjoyed it too. X

  4. Aww how lovely that she got to see her favourites on the big screen! x

  5. Oh that sounds like a lovely trip to the cinema. My boys loved Paw Patrol for a while but it didn’t last long for them :)


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