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Image showing a picture of the VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner in use on oak effect laminate. Alongside a green square that contains the words review, VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner

If you've got dogs or children you will know how valuable a good vacuum is. If you've got hard flooring like we have you'll know how valuable a good mop is. I thought hard flooring would be easier to keep clean than carpet but honestly it's just as much hard work. Daily vacuuming and a weekly steam mop then top up mops when drinks inevitably get spilt or the dog's water gets knocked over during an over enthusiastic game of musical chairs (happens more often than you'd think!) keeping a family floor clean came be a challenge, especially flipping back and forth between vacuum and mop. That's where the VAX ONEPWR Glide Hard Floor Cleaner comes to the rescue. It vacuums, washes AND dries your hard floors. Sceptical? so was I- could one piece of kit really do all those jobs?

Let's start at the beginning, straight out of the box this is a nice looking appliance. It's slimline but slightly heavier than my current vacuum. It came well packaged and although you are required to put it together, the components are well labelled, instructions are clear and it took just a few minutes to unwrap and click together. It's a cordless device and it runs on the ONEPWR 4.0ah battery, giving you up to 30 minutes of run time, a perfect amount to do our downstairs floors which consists of kitchen diner, living room and long hallway. The battery takes 3 hours to reach full charge and is done so via a docking station that plugs into a mains socket. The battery is very simple to remove from the vacuum and slot into the charging station. 

Once I'd charged the battery I jumped straight into trying out the VAX ONEPWR Glide. Firstly you need to put in the solution. The container for the liquid is attached to the back of the vacuum, just below the battery slot. It easily clicks out and is a simple screw top bottle. Having never used a wet cleaning device before I was a little apprehensive about using too much Vax Cleaning Solution but the amounts are clearly marked on the container, they've even labelled how much you need for a small area and a large area.

Image of the clean water container for the VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner

My vacuum arrived with a roller already inserted but they are so easy to remove and replace. They are also washable so you can get plenty of use out of them. The main dirt chamber of the vacuum which contains the filter and where the dirty water collects is also easy to insert. You maybe wondering why I've spent so long talking about how easy it is to put together- whenever I try anything new I always think 'could my nan use this?' she can't use her left side since having a stroke and whilst this vacuum would be too heavy for her, it would be easy enough for my grandad to use and she can supervise and direct him. Also time is a luxury when you're living a busy family life. I want things that are easy to use and that I can manage mostly one handed. I can confirm that you can change the roller whilst being asked for a snack and having a dog lick your face.

Image of roller brush removal for the VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner. Image shows the blue and white roller being unclipped from the main vacuum. Next image shows the empty roller compartment on the VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner

So the big question, how well does it clean? I'll be honest, I was expecting there to be a compromise somewhere along the line. I didn't believe that an all in one appliance could provide the level of suction that my vacuum could or that it could wash the floor as well as my steam mop. I was wrong. This machine can clean, I mean really clean! I was very impressed by the level of suction the VAX ONEPWR Glide provides, easily picking up crumbs and dog hairs. I love that the washing function isn't constantly on and that you can control the output of cleaning solution with a small trigger on the underside of the handle. This is a great idea as I can tailor the amount of fluid used to the stain I'm trying to remove.

Close up image of the VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner being used in floor washing mode. Image shows a hand on the trigger required to release the cleaning solution.

One of the first times trying the VAX ONEPWR Glide we'd actually been tiling the kitchen and some of the adhesive had stuck to the floor. I didn't expect the Vax Glide to be able to manage it and although I had to go over the area twice and maybe hover on a dried bit a second longer than I usually would it removed the adhesive without me having to scrub the floor. A definite time saver. The vacuum has two settings, it automatically starts on high but I find myself doing the majority of my everyday cleaning using the eco mode. There is also a bright LED light on the front of the Glide making it really easy to see any dirt that maybe hidden in places like kickboards and under furniture.

Image of the VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner vacuuming close to kitchen cupboards and demonstrating how the LED light helps to identify dirt.

In terms of drying your floors, it isn't instant but it dries quicker than a traditional mop and bucket and it dries streak free. Due to the roller system the VAX ONEPWR Glide is noisier than the average vacuum but it's bearable as it hasn't stopped my child or dog following me when I use it (it's like a permanent conga line in our house!)

Image of the VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner being used in wash mode on a dark oak laminate floor with a dog bowl just in shot.

The Vax Glide has revolutionised wet spills. I love how easy it is to deal with a dropped drink, I just vacuum it up. No mess, no stickiness. Easy. 

Space is a premium in our house and I'm a sucker for a clever storage solution so the fact that the Glide comes with a storage tray to stand the vacuum on makes me very happy. The tray also doubles up as a rinsing tray to give the roller brushes a clean and there's even a stand to let them dry. This makes my inner nerd very happy!

Image of the VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner placed inside it's storage and cleaning tray. Image shows one brush roller in the adjoining brush drying rack. In the background is the 1litre VAX ONEPWR Hard floor cleaning solution.

The Vax Glide retails at £249.99 and includes a FREE 1 litre bottle of VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaning Solution (which smells clean and fresh without being overpowering) and a FREE extra brush roller, together worth £30. Personally I think the VAX ONEPWR Glide is great value as you're eliminating the need for mops, buckets, steamers etc so it saves you money as well as space. It vacuums and washes floors with no compromise and it's incredibly satisfying yet a little shocking to see just how dirty the water gets.  

Image of the dirty water container on the VAX ONEPWR Hard Floor Cleaner

At a time when cleanliness is paramount I love having this all in one device to hand. It's easy to use, effective and saves me space and time. It might be slightly heavier and noisier than a standard vacuum but it is so much more convenient. I'd recommend it to anyone with hard flooring.

Find out more about the technical specifications here

*This item was gifted for review. An item being gifted does not influence my opinion. All views are my own and reflect my honest opinion.  

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  1. What a fantastic looking product! I'm down for anything that makes my life with dogs and kids easier :) #KCACOLS

  2. Oh this sounds perfect espeically if you have animals as well to keep your home nice and clean x #kcacols

  3. I’m in the market for a new vacuum so this sounds perfect! #kcacols

  4. This seems a reasonable price for what it is (although still more than double of what I've ever payed for a vacuum cleaner tbh). Your review is great, very thorough and informative! Personally, I try to avoid chemicals that kill too many bacteria (as they tend to kill good bacteria too, as well as coming with a risk of contributing to more resistant bacteria strains developing in the future), so I wouldn't want to use the liquid this comes with. Other than that, it seems a good product for the price x #KCACOLS


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