Living Arrows | Isolation

Image of a preschool age girl looking angry.

 'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.

I think Iris's face sums up how we're all feeling about our 10 day stretch in isolation. We've done so well to get all the way through from September without the preschool bubble bursting but here we are, we made it to the last week of term without a positive case and I think that's rather impressive.

As far as we know it's only one member of staff that has tested positive and nobody else. Iris attends a stand alone preschool which isn't attached to a primary school. It is just one classroom so if one goes down, the rest go with them unfortunately. We've all been taking daily lateral flow tests and we're all clear so far- only 2 more days to go.

Thankfully the weather has been on our side and I am so incredibly grateful that we have such a large garden to play in. It would be very tough spending 10 days inside in this heat.

I hope that everyone is well during this time of surging case numbers. Each to their own but I will continue wearing my mask and social distancing for the foreseeable future.

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Living Arrows


  1. So many people I know are isolating, it feels like the virus is just rife right now. Her face is hilarious and definitely sums it up! x

  2. Hope you survived the last few days of isolation - I don’t want to tempt fate but we’ve managed to avoid it so far!

  3. Gosh there were so many isolating towards the end of term - so many bubbles at my school and H and C's school :( Her expression says it all haha!

  4. Yep, we were the same right at the end of the term with preschool. I hope you're enjoying some freedom now? x


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