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Days Out | Sundown Adventureland

Image of a young girl riding on a flying pig ride at Sundown Adventureland. The girl is smiling and looks very happy. To the left of the image is a title that reads 'Days Out, Sundown Adventureland, Rampton, DN22 0HX,'

Sundown Adventureland is a theme park specifically aimed at children under 10 years of age. We visit Sundown often as we're annual pass holders. It's close to where Dan's family live, making it a perfect day out for us all. Sundown is a bit of a local treasure as it's been around for many years, my grandparents can remember visiting it when it was Pets Corner and though it's changed dramatically over the years it's still owned by the same family. 

Days Out | Peppa Pig World

Image of two excited little girls dressed in witches outfits stood in front of a Peppa Pig Mascot. To the left is a title that reads 'Days out, Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park, Romsey, SO51 6AL'

I recently gave Paulton's Park a glowing review as it's a great family theme park but as the Peppa Pig World is such a significant part of the park and likely to be one of the main reasons for people to visit I thought it deserved a stand alone review.  As I mentioned in my Paulton's Park review, Peppa Pig World is a hefty four hour drive away for us, factor in the copious amount of toilet trips that a four year old needs and you're looking at a full days travelling- so was it worth it?

Days Out | Paulton's Park

Image of a young girl riding on a vintage Victorian carousel. She is sat on top of a carousel horse, holding on with one hand and screaming with excitement. To the left of the girl is a title that read 'Days out, Paulton's Park, Romsey, S051 6AL,'

We live a four hour drive away from Paulton's Park, factor in travelling with a four year old and with toilet breaks, snack stops and leg stretches you're looking at a full day travelling. I needed this theme park to be exceptional, it had to be a roaring success or the stress of the journey wouldn't have been worth it. Thankfully Paulton's Park really pulled it out the bag. We had an absolutely amazing time at this all ages, family friendly theme park.

Gloworm Children's Festival 2021

Image of a young girl smiling whilst having her photo taken with Marshall, the dalmation fire fighter from Paw Patrol. Alongside the image is a title that reads 'Days out, Gloworm Children's Festival 2021, Thoresby Park, NG22 9EQ'

Festivals, not something that's been on the top of people's to do list over the last 18 months but as normality gets ever closer and we begin to emerge from a time of lockdowns and restrictions we finally get the chance to stand in a field of strangers, sharing portaloos and common interests. Joyous. Gloworm Festival is the UK's absolute best family orientated festival. It's a heady mix of Cbeebies characters, Playmobil raves, glitter face paints, arts and crafts and circus tricks. Whatever your little ones are into they'll find something to enjoy at Gloworm.

Days Out | Bassetlaw Museum

Image of an outdoor art exhibit at Bassetlaw Museum. The exhibit shows a street light inspired piece of art made from recycled junk and scrap metal. To the left of the image is a title that reads 'Days Out, Bassetlaw Museum, Retford, DN22 6LD'

I live in an ex mining town in the district of Bassetlaw- I've lived here all my life and I grew up thinking it was boring, bland and there was nothing to do. I couldn't have been more wrong. Bassetlaw is a district steeped in rich history, from the cave drawings nestled deep in Cresswell Crags to Robin Hood's rumoured residence, Sherwood Forest and The Major Oak. It's the district that birthed the Pilgrim Fathers and is home to The Harley Gallery and the untouched Mr Straw's House. There's walks galore at Clumber Park, Rufford Abbey and Idle Valley and action packed attractions like Sundown Adventureland and Yorkshire Wildlife Park are on the outskirts. I've lived in the centre of a hive of activity for many years and really didn't appreciate it. 

Days Out | Graves Park, Sheffield

Image of a young girl and her father stood at the side of a large blue bear statue that is decorated with painted flowers and is part of the charity Sheffield bear hunt. Alongside the image is a title that reads 'Days Out, Graves Park, Sheffield, S8 8LL,'

Graves Park was our first destination on our mission to complete the Sheffield Bear Hunt. The bear hunt is a charity event in which individually designed bears are placed around the city. You can sign up on the website to track your progress or collect a paper trail map from various places. We chose Graves Park as our first stop as it has so much more to offer than just bears.

Days Out | Tattershall Farm Park

Close up image of a black and white goat. Alongside a title that reads 'travel and days out, tattershall farm park lincolnshire, LN4 4JR

Tattershall Farm Park is a small farm park with plenty of outdoor animal pens, outdoor play areas and a small assortment of places to eat. We visited Tattershall Farm Park during the time period when indoor attractions had to remain closed under the coronavirus restrictions, due to this the indoor play areas, indoor animal barns and the cafe were closed.

Days Out | Equine Dreams of Bawtry

Image title reads 'days out visiting equine dreams, north view farm, bawtry road, tickhill, DN11 9H , image to the right shows a woman and her daughter stroking a horse.

This review is slightly different to the ones I've previously written (Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Rufford Abbey Park, Thoresby Hall Park) as this is a place that I hadn't visited pre-Covid-19 and so I can't really compare their new procedure to their old one, I can only comment on how I feel they've catered to the needs of the Covid-19 world.

Visiting Rufford Abbey Park During The Covid-19 Pandemic

image title reads 'days out visiting rufford abbey country park, ollerton, nottinghamshire, NG229DF,'. Image to the right is of the woodland, pram and disabled friendly pathway and the large lake with ducks and geese that is in the centre of the park.

Rufford Abbey is one of my favourite places in existence. I've been a regular visitor for the last 10 years and even have old camcorder footage of me there with my grandparents when I was just a toddler. We love it so much it is our wedding destination of choice when the coronavirus allows us to resume our wedding plans. It's a place firmly etched into my heart but like everywhere it's undergone some changes recently.

Days Out | Thoresby Park

Image title reads 'days out visiting thoresby park, nr. ollerton, nottinghamshire, NG22 9EP,' Image to the right is of Thoresby hall and Gardens

After the success of visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park we decided to venture out again. Initially we planned to head to Rufford Abbey Country Park but found that it was pre-paid parking only and though we have an annual pass, the people we were meeting didn't so we took a detour instead and headed towards Thoresby Park.

Days Out | Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Image title reads 'days out, yorkshire wildlife park, dn9 3hq image to the right is of two polar bears playing in their enclosure at yorkshire wildlife park

We've held annual passes to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the last few years so it's a place we know well but due to the coronavirus pandemic it's undergone some changes recently to enable visitors to safely access the site. As someone with Aspergers I find comfort in familiarity and predictability so these changes  have been quite upsetting me for me even though I completely understand the need for them. I think all people, whether they have Aspergers or not, could do with some predictability right now so hopefully this review will help you understand some of the changes that have been made and help you assess whether visiting is right for you in the current climate.

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