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Image of two excited little girls dressed in witches outfits stood in front of a Peppa Pig Mascot. To the left is a title that reads 'Days out, Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park, Romsey, SO51 6AL'

I recently gave Paulton's Park a glowing review as it's a great family theme park but as the Peppa Pig World is such a significant part of the park and likely to be one of the main reasons for people to visit I thought it deserved a stand alone review.  As I mentioned in my Paulton's Park review, Peppa Pig World is a hefty four hour drive away for us, factor in the copious amount of toilet trips that a four year old needs and you're looking at a full days travelling- so was it worth it?

It pains me to say it but our main reason for visiting Paulton's Park was to go to Peppa Pig World. I personally cannot stand Peppa Pig as a character, I find her obnoxious and naughty but alas kids seem to love her. Iris has moved on from the Peppa Pig phase and no longer watches the show on repeat but she will still play with her Peppa toys and so we wanted to visit Peppa Pig World before she out grew it. Despite not being actively obsessed with Peppa Pig, Iris still very much enjoyed this area of the theme park.

An image of a family consisting of Grandad, Mummy, Daddy, Auntie, Niece and Daughter all in matching Peppa Pig t shirts stood underneath the Peppa Pig World entrance sign, pointing up and smiling.

The first thing to address is the fact my sister in law bought the whole family matching T-shirts. Hilarious. Daddy made a particular fuss about not wanting to wear his and he may have 'accidentally' destroyed his in the washing machine but at least we've got photographic evidence of him wearing it! 

Peppa Pig World is situated a short walk from the main entrance to the park. As you enter Peppa Pig World the rides become bold and colourful with instantly recognisable shapes and features from the TV show. 

Image of a Daddy, Mummy and little girl riding on the hot air balloon ride at Peppa Pig World. Daddy is smiling. Mummy looks scared.

All the rides are aimed at pre-schoolers but it has to be said that some of them are quite adrenaline fuelled. One such ride was 'Windy Castle'. You sit in a cloud and go to the top of the castle and are blown around. Essentially it's a teacup ride suspended in the air. Iris loved it. A similar ride is Mrs Rabbit's Hot Air Balloon ride. Again you are suspended in the air whilst going round in circles. These are the most adventurous rides. Another of the bigger rides is the Helicopter ride. This is essentially a ferris wheel and so this ride has longest wait time as it has to stop to allow people on and off each helicopter. We waited around 30 minutes to get on this ride and this was mid week during term time. I would imagine the wait time for this on a busy day would be ridiculous. In hindsight we should have waited until around 4pm as this was when the ride was quietest. We didn't queue for any of the other rides and even went round some twice. 

Image of the Helicopter ride at Peppa Pig World featuring different brightly coloured helicopters arranged on a ferris wheel ride.

As expected there are lots of smaller rides in the Peppa Pig area. You can take a ride in Daddy Pig's car, hop on board Grandad dog's boat and enjoy a trip on Grampy Pig's miniature locomotive. There's a large array of rides in this small area, many of which children can ride by themselves, though as it was our only time visiting Paulton's Park we all had a go- there is nothing funnier than seeing a 60 year old Dad and his 33 year old son squeezing into Daddy Pig's Car! 

Image of the Daddy Pig car ride at Peppa Pig World. Image shows a blue cartoon style car that is on a track that goes around a cartoon style forest. Inside the car is a grown man and his father. They are pulling silly faces and laughing.

My favourite family rides were the boat ride which involves bobbing around a lazy river, spotting our favourite characters and taking a leisurely sail through the Queen's castle. Another excellent family ride is the Queen's carriage ride that takes you on a royal carriage, high above the park. I liked this one as all 6 of us were able to enjoy it together where as most of the other rides were limited to two adults. 

Image of a family inside a carriage on the Queen's carriage ride at Peppa Pig World. The carriage is large and has benches at either end. It is decorated in regal colours and is bold and bright. It runs along a high wire track around the park. There are 3 adults in the carriage and 2 children.

The Peppa Pig area of the park was undoubtedly the busiest and I suspect that is due to the availability of annual passes. If I lived in the area I would absolutely be a pass holder as it's an ideal place to bring toddlers that don't yet attend school. There were a lot of babies and young toddlers visiting the indoor soft play area and I can understand why- it was one of the best soft plays I've been in. It had the usual climbing frames, slides and hidey holes but it had a really innovative ball pit where children got to put balls in tubes and watch them be blown/sucked through and ejected further down. It was great for encouraging hand eye coordination and seeing cause and effect at work.

Image of a happy girl in a witches outfit playing in the soft play area at Peppa Pig World. There is a soft blue ball floating in mid air in front of the girls face.

It probably wasn't the best place to be in a pandemic but I doubt any soft play is at the minute. Though I didn't see any active cleaning in progress I assume they will be following the required steps. One thing I did notice was a lack of masks being worn by parents. We sat outside and let the children play as it was very busy inside and I felt a little uncomfortable. Ideally I'd avoid soft play for all eternity but that's not fair to Iris. 

Inside Peppa Pig's House. There is mummy pig, daddy pig, peppa pig and george pig and they are recreating a scene from the cartoon. They are making pancakes and Daddy pig's pancake is stuck to the ceiling. There is a metal fence around the scene and a young girl stood at the fence watching the scene.

The whole of Peppa Pig World is styled in the chunky, colourful style shown throughout the TV series. You can even go into Peppa Pig's house and watch a little skit about pancakes. Iris really enjoyed this part and kept wanting to go back. You can meet and greet Peppa and George outside the school house throughout the day. The children aren't able to touch the characters due to Covid but there is the option to pose in front of them for an official photograph that can be purchased from a designated booth. Alternatively you are allowed to take your own photos. Some of the rides also take photographs that can be purchased and there is a photo studio where you can get photos of your children superimposed on a variety of Peppa themed backgrounds. Pictures are priced at £12 each or 5 for £40, following on at £8 each. I personally think that's very expensive.

Image of the meet and greet area outside the school house at Peppa Pig World. The area is surrounded by pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. Peppa and George mascots are there and are dressed in Halloween costumes, a witch and a pumpkin. In front of them stand two girls dressed in witches outfits and grinning.

Covid- 19 Information for Peppa Pig World

You're only going to be able to do so much when it comes to toddlers, pre-schoolers and babies. There was an abundance of hand sanitiser around Peppa Pig World but I'm not sure how regularly people were using it. We barely saw any mask wearing, which wasn't an issue outside but I was surprised by how few wore them in the soft play area. You aren't required to provide any proof of Covid-19 status to enter Paultons Park/Peppa Pig World though we always do lateral flow tests before going to places like this to ensure we aren't endangering others. At the time we visited there were no government restrictions in place.

Does Peppa Pig World Cater for Coeliacs?

There is only one cafe inside Peppa Pig World and it was quite busy. I didn't eat anything but I did enjoy a hot chocolate. As with most places, and the rest of the eateries around Paulton's Park there are options made from 'non gluten containing ingredients' but cross contamination is a big issue, especially as the kitchen areas are so small. I would recommend taking your own food if you aren't comfortable with possible cross contamination or are extremely sensitive. 

Image of a very excited little girl riding on the boat ride at Peppa Pig World. The child's face is full of glee .

Despite despising Peppa Pig, I've got to give this place the credit it deserves. It's a fantastic place for young children to let off some steam and run wild. It's the ideal way to introduce children to rides as they can explore the rides with places and characters they are already familiar with. The indoor and outdoor play areas are great for burning off some extra energy. You could easily spend a day exploring just this part of the park, especially if it's busy and you're queueing for rides. If you're not local and like us, you've travelled a long way then I'd recommend booking two days park entry as there are a lot of other attractions within the rest of Paulton's Park that will entertain little ones too. We paid £110 for one day's park entry for 2 adults and 1 child. If we'd just been to Peppa Pig World I'd have thought that a little too expensive but when you factor in the features of the rest of the park then it seems better value for money and every penny becomes worth it when your child pulls the face of pure and utter wonder. It's absolutely magical.

We chose to stay at Room & Roof Southampton for the duration of our trip.

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