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I can't quite believe that Iris is approaching a year old! How has that helpless tiny little baby grown into such an independent little lady in such a short space of time? They always warn you that they grow so fast but until you've had a child of your own you don't really understand just what that statement means. As Iris birthday approaches I started to look into the kind of toys she might like at this stage in her development. At the moment her attention span is quite short and she seems to be bored of most of her belongings so I did some research into toys that can keep her engaged and allow her to exercise all her newly developing skills. Here's what I found:

If you're looking for a present that is practical, cute and can be kept as a keepsake then Orange Tree Toys range of bookends are what you are looking for. Reading is such a valuable use of time so anything that encourages the use of books is great. I love how perfect these would be for a child's bedroom or playroom.

Wooden Maracas 

If you know a child that loves to make noise but you'd like to keep on their parents good side then something like this would be a good option. Maracas are fun but not too loud, perfect for letting little people express themselves musically. Iris would love these in her music box.

Fun Time Pop Up Farmyard Friends

Watching your little ones beginning to understand cause and effect is great fun when done in the right way. This toy provides a fun and safe way to explore 'what happens if I do that'. It also provides the opportunity to learn colours, animals, sounds and counting. 

Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorter 

I think a shape sorter is a must for any toddler. It can teach them so much about hand-eye coordination as well as teaching them about shapes, colours and spatial awareness. There are lots of fancy, all singing, all dancing technological incarnations of the shape sorting toy but for me I love the elegant simplicity of the traditional wooden box.

Orange Tree Toys Pull Along Stacking Crocodile

I love to see children playing with wooden toys. I think they look nicer, feel nicer and tend to last longer. This pull along toy would be great for a one year old as it provides the opportunity to practice a lot of key skills such as pulling, stacking, counting and hand-eye coordination plus it looks super cute! 

Learning to walk is great fun but there's times when you just need a bit of support and what better friend to have than Percy Pup. An ideal toy to use to aid walking but also a fun ride on as well. Percy will also encourage imaginative role play as children help to develop his character. This is the kind of toy that will be played with for years and passed down through the generations.

So whether you're wanting to spend a little or lot there are plenty of stimulating toys available for one year olds. If they can push it, pull it, touch it or move it then it's likely to provide a one year old with lots of fun and plenty of opportunities to hone their ever growing skills.

What gifts would you suggest for a one year old?

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