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I have to confess that I absolutely love a bargain. In a pre-covid world you would often find me browsing the aisles of my local pound shop and scouring the town's charity shops in search of a bargain. Now shopping for leisure is a somewhat banned activity I've found myself venturing online to get my fix of bargains and one place I cannot get enough of is Pound Toy!

One of my favourite parenting techniques is bribery (jokes, kind of). When Iris has been particularly well behaved, well mannered or helpful she gets some pennies from her grandad to treat herself. Ordinarily we would go into town and she would pick herself a little toy, book or trinket as a reward. Now we can't do that so I decided to bring the shop to her. I bought an array of goodies from Pound Toy for an amazing price. It doesn't seem much but keeping that consistency of still being allowed treats helps us all to feel that life is a little more like 'normal' and the best thing is that the majority of items I bought have great educational value, even if Iris doesn't realise she's learning whilst she's playing.

Online Bargain Shopping At Pound Toy UK. Cheap Toy Review Parenting and Lifestyle Blogger Blog

Online Bargain Shopping At Pound Toy UK. Cheap Toy Review Parenting and Lifestyle Blogger Blog

If you follow us over on Instagram then you'll know how much we love a family craft session- Daddy in particular takes his crafting very seriously! Pound Toy is a great place to stock up on basic essentials such as paper, pens and glue but it's also a great place to purchase activities such as Scratch Art, Sticker Books and these really fun Mould and Paint Sets. I loved making plaster of paris figures to paint when I was a kid so I was really pleased to see these dinosaur and unicorn sets for such a low price and speaking of nostalgia- did you have a spirograph set when you were younger? I'll be honest, I bought this Spiral Sketchpad more for myself than for Iris! 

Science Homeschooling Kit Online Bargain Shopping At Pound Toy UK. Cheap Toy Review Parenting and Lifestyle Blogger Blog

Though Pound Toys speciality is toys for £1 they also stock some great value, more expensive toys. This Science Set cost just £9 (I paid less as I had a discount code) and contains everything you need to conduct six individual science experiments. We've already tried making a crystal tree and it worked perfectly.

Homeschooling Workbooks Online Bargain Shopping At Pound Toy UK. Cheap Toy Review Parenting and Lifestyle Blogger Blog

Homeschooling Pre School Activity Books Online Bargain Shopping At Pound Toy UK. Cheap Toy Review Parenting and Lifestyle Blogger Blog

Pound Toy have some resources that would make a great addition to homeschooling setups. I got such a large collection of books and I was super happy to see how well their collection catered to pre-schoolers as a majority of the things I've seen elsewhere are aimed at children older than Iris.

Penny Sale Online Bargain Shopping At Pound Toy UK. Cheap Toy Review Parenting and Lifestyle Blogger Blog

There's no escaping the fact that Pound Toy are about providing toys at great prices but they take a bargain even further by regularly having a 1p sale where you can pick up one of each item. At the time of my order I got a packet of Slime and a Santa's Letter Kit to put away for next year. Absolute bargains!

I've ordered from Pound Toy several times over the last year and have been amazingly impressed with the service they offer. It's definitely worth checking the site for discount codes. I love that they publish them on the site so you don't have to trawl the internet searching for one. They offer free delivery over £25 and all the orders I have made have been delivered within a few days. They use recycled packaging, which is great for the environment but also sneakily clever at hiding the box contents- funnily enough no one was bothered about a box that said 'chicken breasts' on the side- I'm sure it would have been different if it had said toys! I've also had a little packet of sweets as a thank you in each parcel. Overall Pound Toy are a great company to shop with. 

Have you ever shopped at Pound Toy? What was your best bargain? 

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  1. I love a bargain too! Especially when they're good finds :) cheers #KCACOLS

  2. Wow, I love this idea of bringing the shop to the home. We did something similar over half term where we pretended to go on holiday to a hotel but just drove around the block and came back to our own house. It mostly involved packing and unpacking suitcases and ordering room service (take away). Wasn't sure our autistic kids would be up for it but our daughter was craving doing something else and a break from home. Love these items too! #kcacols

  3. We love toys like this! They are great for rainy afternoons, for getting down for some crafts yet not costing the earth! Great post #KCACOLS

  4. Love bargains like this, I never thought about pound shops being online! Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS

  5. Wow! Some great bargains here!! #KCACOLS

  6. Like yourself I love a bargain too but I have missed this shop! I will deffinitely be checking it out xx Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS

  7. Why didn't I know about pound toys before!?! What a fab find for little bits and bobs - perfect for treats and even party bits. Thank you for sharing this with us over on #mischiefandmemories xx

    1. It's definitely worth signing up for their newsletter as they are really good at sending out discount codes x

  8. Some wonderful finds! Always so fun to go hunting for bargains. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

  9. I didn't know about this before so thanks for sharing. I love to get some cheap crafty bits and activities for the kids when we go camping #MischiefandMemories


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