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You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran. 

I genuinely don't believe there is a better picture to sum up childhood than this one! Complete abandonment of all social protocols and just throwing herself into the snow. I love how this picture captures a child's freedom, impulsivity and utter joy. I think we could all do with giving into to our childhood desires at the minute, letting go, or at least loosening the expectations we place on ourselves.

I think i'm right when I say we're all struggling, but that in itself gives me hope. We're ALL struggling, in different ways and at different levels but just the simple fact that none of us are finding it easy helps me feel less alone. Some people have apologised for being so down on social media- please don't- it helps us all feel less alone. Let's whinge, moan and throw a tantrum. Let's get those emotions out like our children do then pick ourselves up, dive head first into some snow and laugh. 

It's been 307 days since the first lockdown. We're still here. Hang on. 

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Living Arrows


  1. Love this so much. We have had no laying snow here - just a tiny flurry that turned to rain and I so wish we could all just have fun in the snow for a while! Love your words too. #livingarrows

  2. It's really not easy right now is it? I feel there is sooo much pressure being put on us all and I LOVE your snow £$%@s given title :)

  3. Absolutely love the title of this post! :) And what a gorgeous picture - such joy! Very jel of all your snow, we've had none! #livingarrows

  4. 307 days. Gosh when you see it in black and white its really stark isnt it? I am sorry you are struggling, know you aren't alone and that many many people are too. I am telling myself that with the lighter evenings things are getting easier.

  5. Absolutely love the snow @*cks given! We're really missing the snow, its great to see kids just be free like you said xx

  6. Oh this is a fab photo! I'm also jealous of the fact you've had snow, we've had nothing at all here! x #livingarrows

  7. I am definitely finding it easier knowing that the majority of other people are struggling too. The snow has arrived here today - first time in two years - and I can't wait to get out in it this afternoon! x

  8. The boys have been desperate for snow, and today was meant to be the day. unfortantely it did not work out. But still hopeful we will get some eventually. And then I think snow angels will be for all including the adults! Love this photo.

  9. I think everyone is struggling now aren't they? We had snow again this weekend too, and it's definitely cheered us all up a bit, it's just something different to do if nothing else! #LivingArrows


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