Living Arrows | Getting Dressed Up

Image of a young girl stood in a garden wearing pink Paw Patrol pyjamas featuring Skye from Paw Patrol as well as wearing giant blue novelty oversized sunglasses, a red velvet santa hat and a spiked flashing headband on top of the hat. Plus a Halloween tutu that is purple, orange and black. On the floor are some green Ikea Plufsig mats with dressing up/ fancy dress items such as animal masks, rabbit ear. oversized sunglasses and beards strewn across the mats.

'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.

Well I completely overestimated my ability to keep a regular blog schedule throughout the summer holidays! We packed so much into the holidays, we had a trip to London, days out at Sundown Adventureland, sleepovers at Grandmas and trips to the seaside. It was fun but actually kind of exhausting, I'm very glad to be back to the daily grind. 

Days Out | Graves Park, Sheffield

Image of a young girl and her father stood at the side of a large blue bear statue that is decorated with painted flowers and is part of the charity Sheffield bear hunt. Alongside the image is a title that reads 'Days Out, Graves Park, Sheffield, S8 8LL,'

Graves Park was our first destination on our mission to complete the Sheffield Bear Hunt. The bear hunt is a charity event in which individually designed bears are placed around the city. You can sign up on the website to track your progress or collect a paper trail map from various places. We chose Graves Park as our first stop as it has so much more to offer than just bears.

Make Money | Earn Cash With The Numbrs App

Image of a calculator, some money and a laptop. Next to the image is a title that reads 'make money, earn cash with Numbrs app,'

Please note this post uses referral links. 

I haven't really shared much about money saving on the blog but it's been a big part of my life for many years.  It was only me and my mum growing up and times were hard with little support. I admire my mum immensely for keeping a roof over our head whilst she worked so hard and dealt with an undiagnosed autistic child. I spent a lot of time scouring Money Saving Expert to try and find ways to make the pennies stretch a bit further. It became a bit of an obsession, I'd talk for hours about mortgage overpayments, debt management and how to stretch a cooked chicken into four meals. I was only 15 and absolutely in love with Martin Lewis and the idea of 'one-upping' the system and getting more for my money. It's something that has become ingrained in me and is a huge part of who I am. Now more than ever it's important to look after the pennies, family life isn't cheap and daily living just keeps getting more and more expensive. The internet has opened up so many more money saving and money making opportunities and I'm keen to explore them in more depth. So let's start with the Numbrs app. 

Accommodation | Skippers Rest Apartment, Scarborough

Image of the industrial style interior of Skippers Rest holiday rental accommodation in Scarborough. The image shows the living are with grey gloss fitted kitchen and black velvet sofa bed with bright coloured cushions. The right of the image is a title that reads 'Travel, Skippers Rest, North Marine Road, Scarborough YO11 7HZ,'

Skipper's Rest is a one bedroom apartment in the North Bay area of Scarborough. It's located close to Peasholm Park and The Open Air Theatre. It's set one street back from the seafront and has access to the beach via the main road with pavement or via coastal cliff path. The cliff path has beautiful views and is easy on the way down but a bit tough on the legs on the way back up!

Living Arrows | DRFC

Image of a pre school girl/ toddler pulling an excited face whilst wearing fluffy unicorn ear muffs and placing her hands over her ears. Behind the girl is The Keepmoat Stadium where a match is in play. The girl is wearing a red and white striped Doncaster Rovers children's football shirt.

 'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.

It's back! The football season has official returned. I'm not a fan of football and have only really attended matches under duress but Daddy has been a lifelong fan of  Doncaster Rovers so it kind of feels like our year starts when the football does.

29 Seconds by T M Logan

Image of the front cover of T M Logan's novel 29 Seconds. The image is of a silhouette of a person stood in the background with the books title in large print and the tagline 'how much can you lose in 29 seconds' written beneath it. There is also an emblem indicating that this book is from the same writer that wrote Lies. To the right is a title that reads 'Review, 29 seconds by T M Logan,'

Regular readers of the blog will know that I love T M Logan novels. I've read The Holiday, Lies, The Catch and now 29 seconds. This book is the second book that T M Logan wrote but each book is standalone and unrelated to the others so the order in which you read them doesn't really matter though a word of warning- don't read this one first. If I'd have read this one first I would have been significantly less likely to read any of the others. It pains me to say this but this is the one and only T. M Logan book that I've not enjoyed- so much so I almost gave up reading it!

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