Life Lately: Reflections on writing.

It's 5am in the morning. I can't sleep. I haven't blogged in over a year and with very good reason. My son is ill and we don't know why. The last 17 months have been a constant stream of doctors appointments and A&E trips for dehydration, repeat infections and seizures. He won't eat and he never really has. He's 'floppy' and moves in odd ways. He's alert, intelligent and into everything. A normal toddler in so many ways but there is something 'not right' with Rupert. I feel it in my gut. It consumes my every waking thought and often my dreams too.

I have been wanting to get back to blogging because I enjoy it, because it's a creative outlet for me but I am a perfectionist by nature. A blog should be clean, well put together with a niche. It should be successful. SEO perfect. Properly done and right now I don't have time to commit on that level but I miss it and I need it but most importantly the story we are writing right now is important and sharing it may help someone and that's all I've ever wanted my writing to do. So here I am. Writing for the first time in a long time. Blogging in a way I'm not used to doing. Quickly in the snatched moments of time I have. Imperfectly, improperly but with honesty. I need the catharsis and someone out there may need the help. I don't know what I'll write about. There will be no schedule, no algorithm pleasing and no 'business model'. Just me, sharing our lives as they really truly are, which right now is pretty grim.  

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