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Image of a young girl in a leopard print dress and pink sunglasses sat burying her feet on a golden sandy beach. Behind her is the horizon, a clear blue sea and blue sky.

  'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.

We've been a bit AWOL from the blog and Living Arrows for a while, mainly because I've been enduring the pregnancy from hell! It started with intense sickness, then immense pain that turned out to be gallstones (on the waiting list for surgery to remove my gallbladder) and there's been the ongoing endocrine/autoimmune issues that were going on before I was pregnant. I've been exhausted and ill and honestly hating it- it's been nothing like my pregnancy with Iris.

I've felt the inevitable mum guilt whilst I've been so ill, fun with Iris has been on the back burner a little but she's been an absolute star, rubbing my back, bending down when I can't reach something and being so very patient. It's been lovely to get away this half term for a little holiday possibly for the last time as just a trio. 

We only went to Nannan's caravan in Skegness but we were blessed with glorious weather and Iris discovered the joy of the beach. We spotted starfish and crabs, collected buckets of shells to adore our sandcastles and walked for miles (well, Iris, Daddy and the dog did- I sat on a beach chair with my book!) If you're in the Skegness area- check out Winthorpe beach, it's a 5 minute car journey from Skegness and is a world away. It's peaceful, clean and dog friendly with a gorgeous seafront restaurant, ice cream kiosk and a small traditional arcade. 

We spent hours on the beach and Iris happily entertained herself with just a bucket and spade. It was nice to take things back to basics and whilst we did enjoy a day in Skegness and all the cheesy seaside-ness it offers we were more than happy to pack a picnic and have a cheap day out on the sand. 

It's back to reality today as Iris goes back to preschool and today we've found out that she's got a place at her first choice of primary school. My little lady will be doing a lot of growing up over the summer months, becoming a big sister and starting full time school but I'm not too worried about how she'll cope- she's so confident and understanding and makes me so proud everyday.

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  1. So sorry you've been having a tough time with the pregnancy. I hope it eases for you soon. Iris is growing so fast! Love her outfit x


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