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Image of a young girl riding on a flying pig ride at Sundown Adventureland. The girl is smiling and looks very happy. To the left of the image is a title that reads 'Days Out, Sundown Adventureland, Rampton, DN22 0HX,'

Sundown Adventureland is a theme park specifically aimed at children under 10 years of age. We visit Sundown often as we're annual pass holders. It's close to where Dan's family live, making it a perfect day out for us all. Sundown is a bit of a local treasure as it's been around for many years, my grandparents can remember visiting it when it was Pets Corner and though it's changed dramatically over the years it's still owned by the same family. 

Sundown Adventureland is marketed as a theme park but I think that's a bit of stretch as there are only 10 rides throughout the whole park. Adventureland however, is the perfect phrase for what you experience here. Imagine stepping into a story book and you maybe somewhat close to picturing what Sundown has to offer. With over 30 rides, play areas and attractions there is something for everyone.

Image of The Wild West area of Sundown Adventureland. The image shows a bark paved street lined with buildings that look like they are from the wild west. They look as though they are made of wood and they house attractions such as play areas and a soft play. There are model horses, cowboys and bandits dotted along the street as well as a drunk character asleep in a drinking trough.

The park is made up of several different zones. Each zone has a designated theme. Themes include The Wild West which involves a town setting complete with gunslingers, saloons and the odd wagon, Smuggler's Cove which emulates a fishing village complete with lifeboat and giant shark jaws and Robin Hoods Village that pays homage to the local legend in a fitting style. More modern additions include the Angry Birds Play area and Crash Landings indoor soft play and café.

Image of a young girl in a blue daisy print dress standing alongside her father. They are looking at an interactive board with buttons on and the girl is about to press a button to make the characters nearby complete an action.

Each area has a ride or two and several interactive areas that require children to press a button to initiate a musical action such as making mice dance, or inciting a fish to break out into song. There are also interactive quizzes and role play items dotted around each area. It's a bit like Westworld but for kids and with less violence- although any parent that's been in a soft play knows it's every man for themselves!

Image of the play equipment in the Angry Birds area of Sundown Adventureland. The image shows a young girl walking across a rope bridge within a wooden framed climbing frame. To the left of the rope bridge is a climbing wall and to the right is a wavy metal slide. The floor is rainbow coloured protective rubber flooring.


There is also an element of physical play in each area, there's outdoor playgrounds or indoor soft plays and most of the themed areas have houses that at first look like they are just for role play but actually feature a labyrinth of hidden slides, ropes, nets and bridges. It's possible to explore the full length of a row of houses as they are cleverly joined up along the back. Children absolutely love it but it's less fun for an adult that has to squeeze in to rescue a crying child and nothing prepares you for the anxiety of your child going into the butchers, disappearing, then re-appearing out the (pretend) pub an hour later!

Image of a castle that looks like it's made of candy. The walls are baby pink and baby blue and the roof tiles and window and door trims look like they are made of pastel coloured sweeties.

Sundown Adventureland is full of wholesome, old fashioned fun. You can take a walk around a candy kingdom (recently featured in the background of Doughnuts VT on the masked singer), wake a dragon from it's nap and take a trip down the yellow brick road. You can peek into the three little pigs houses and have tea with the three bears. There's even a year round Christmas ride!

It's quaint and it's cute and I'm sure you're beginning to understand why I don't like to call it a theme park. It isn't really the place for thrill seekers but it is a fantastic starting point to get kids into rides and as all rides are included in your ticket price, it's not the end of the world if your child doesn't enjoy rides, there's still plenty more to do and you won't feel like you've wasted your money like you would do at a more common style of theme park. 

Image of the egg yolk ride at Sundown Adventureland. The image shows a young girl and both her grandads sat inside a ride that looks like half a cracked egg shell. The girl is smiling and has her hands on the central pedestal that is used to make the egg shell spin.

In terms of rides there are several train style rides that travel through scenery relevant to the land you are in, for example the Robin Hood ride takes us through a fictional Sherwood Forest and the Rocky Mountain Rail Road has us surrounded by gold mining bandits. The newer additions tend to be the more adrenaline inducing. There are spinning egg yolks (similar to teacup rides), an ostrich that is like a carousel horse that has gone on a solo jungle safari and then there's the piggy ride. We draw straws as to who goes on this one with Iris- non of us adults can handle the way those pigs fly- as you can tell by the look on Papa's face!

Image of the giddy piggies ride at sundown adventureland. The image shows a pig ride flying high in the air and a young girl sat in the front seat laughing and having a good time. In the back seat is her grandad, he looks scared and it holding on tightly.

Covid Information

Sundown Adventureland is a very hands on place though they have provided ample hand sanitiser across the park and I've yet to use one that isn't working. They are regularly topped up and there are several bottles in each area, with more in high touch zones. Masks aren't currently enforced by law but there is signage indicating it's preferable to use masks indoors. I am personally in favour of masks indoors and was a little disappointed that very few people were wearing them. Sundown Adventureland is currently operating on a pre-booked ticket basis except for annual pass holders. This is to limit numbers and minimise risk. We visited during the summer holidays and though significantly busier than term time it didn't feel claustrophobic, possibly as so much of the attraction is outdoors. 


Almost all of the park is flat and accessible for pushchairs. There are plenty of spaces to leave pushchairs whilst enjoying a ride and although they are left at the owners risk we find Sundown to be a safe place and haven't had any issues. We have taken a disabled guest in a wheelchair and found that the only difficulty was the wood bark chippings in the Wild West but there is an alternative route to access the rest of the park that is wheelchair friendly. The disabled toilets were clean and impressed my Nan- the highest accolade a venue can get. In order to go on the rides the disable person must be able to stand and get themselves into the ride. Nan managed to go on one of the train style rides and the staff were patient, friendly and helpful whilst she was getting in and out. That means a lot, often disabled people are made to feel a burden so it's nice to be treated with respect.  

Does Sundown Adventureland Cater for Coeliacs?

Sundown doesn't specifically offer food suitable for Coeliacs but it does offer food that doesn't contain gluten. I've eaten a plain jacket potato with butter and suffered no adverse effects. As with most places though they do state that they cannot guarantee against cross contamination. 

The pumpkin patch cafe is the largest cafe with a wide choice of food options. We've never eaten a main meal at this cafe so I've never enquired as to their gluten free main meal options but I can vouch for their gluten free cake offerings that are clearly labelled and delicious- you wouldn't know they were gluten free. The cake offerings are expensive at £2.80 for a slice of fudge cake but they are on par with other theme park prices. In fact Sundown probably has one of the cheapest menus for this type of attraction.

In terms of gluten containing foods Sundown offers fast food such as burgers and chips and nuggets at both soft play cafes. The food has always been enjoyable at Sundown and they make a good quality cuppa. You are welcome to bring your own food to eat in designated picnic areas.

Would I recommend Sundown Adventureland?

Absolutely. It's a great park for those aged 10 and under. There are so many play areas, rides and interactive elements that it's easy to stay entertained for the whole day. It's history within the local community and it's quaint styling make it a really lovely, wholesome place to visit. 

An image of two cartoon bears carved out of stone. There is a male bear and a female bear. They are synonymous with Sundown Adventureland.

I would particularly recommend a visit during seasonal events. The Halloween trail is fantastic, it's included in your ticket price and is free for pass holders and it's a really fun way to explore the park and the treat at the end is always excellent.

For a lot of people the festive season doesn't start until they've been to Sundown. The park has a designated Christmas sleigh ride which is only open during the festive period and you get to travel to the North Pole, knock on Santa's door and sit by the fire with the big man himself. Slots sell out quickly and cost extra for both day tickets and pass holders but it is a magical experience, especially for younger children.

Day tickets to Sundown Adventureland are around £17 but fluctuate depending on whether it's a peak/off-peak visit. If you are local then annual passes are well worth buying for £60. Visit the Sundown Adventureland website to purchase your tickets. Children under 90cm go FREE (roughly 3 years of age).

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