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This review is slightly different to the ones I've previously written (Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Rufford Abbey Park, Thoresby Hall Park) as this is a place that I hadn't visited pre-Covid-19 and so I can't really compare their new procedure to their old one, I can only comment on how I feel they've catered to the needs of the Covid-19 world.

Do I Need To Book In Advance To Visit Equine Dreams, Bawtry?

Yes you are required to book a visit to Equine Dreams. You can contact them by telephone on 01302 751 698 or via email at: They are also active on various social media platforms, see their website for more information.

What To Expect When You Arrive At Equine Dreams, Bawtry?

As I said we'd never been to Equine Dreams before and we were visiting for my sister-in-laws birthday. We wanted to do something to treat the kids and what better way than a pony ride followed by feeding the animals at the petting zoo. 

First impressions were that the place is very small. There was adequate parking situated opposite the main entrance. The main entrance is a purpose built shed. The aesthetics of the place are a little underwhelming but true to the attractions purpose. This is very much a working horse yard that offers proper riding lessons. The pony rides and petting zoo are more of a side business rather than the main attraction and that is quite obvious but not necessarily in a negative way. 

How Well Can You Adhere To Social Distancing At Equine Dreams, Bawtry

We were greeted by the loveliest staff members who showed us through to the horse stable area. Hand sanitizer was provided as we entered through the gate. The entirety of the venue is outside but the walkway where the horses move from stable to field is slightly too narrow to allow for comfortable social distancing and there seemed to be a constant stream of horses going to and fro. There are also family members congregating in that area so it did feel a little full. 

There is only a certain amount of social distancing you can do when riding a horse. Firstly the children needed helmets. These were sorted out in a small dedicated shed. The children are both 2 years old and so some encouragement and fitting was required, for this staff members have to be quite hands on but I felt they handled it in a safe manner, though no PPE (personal protective equipment) was worn by them. I'm unsure if this will have changed since masks have become mandatory in most indoor environments. 

The pony ride itself involves a staff member walking the horse around the route for 3 laps. Depending on the age of the child it may also involve a parent accompanying the child, meaning potentially 3 people around the horse. I accompanied Iris and had to come in close contact with the trainer, albeit briefly just to adjust Iris into the saddle. Personally I think PPE would have made me feel more at ease. The staff were brilliant at encouraging the little ones to have a go. Unfortunately my niece just couldn't be persuaded so Iris got to have two turns! 

The petting zoo area is very small. It consists of four pens containing sheep, alpaca, donkeys and ponies and an area for rabbits. Animal feed is available to purchase from the main office/shop area. As the area is so small social distancing may be difficult if more than two families are inside the petting area. There is hand sanitizer provided at the entrance/exit. 

What Facilities Are Available At Equine Dreams, Bawtry

As this attraction is primarily about providing proper horse lessons and training it isn't really geared up for visitors. It does have a toilet area with 2 unisex toilets and facilities to wash your hands. It was surprisingly clean considering it looks like a shed from the outside. 

I believe that there is ordinarily a cafe on site but it appeared to just be offering takeaway drinks and snacks which is more than ample for the amount of time you would spend here. 

Other than that there isn't much else apart from the main horse riding area and separate petting zoo.

My Thoughts On Visiting Equine Dreams, Bawtry

As this was our first time visiting Equine Dreams, Bawtry I expected a something a little more catered toward visitors but I got the impression that this was a functioning horse yard running a sideline business. The petting zoo was slightly disappointing as it was so small but for around £10 for a pony ride and some time feeding the animals I think it's well worth it. They've provided opportunities for hand sanitization and have implemented a booking system to avoid overcrowding. Due to the size of the place I think they've done all that they can to ensure a covid-19 safe space. My only recommendation would be to incorporate PPE. Iris really enjoyed herself and we'd be happy to return.  

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  1. My nieces would love to go for a horse ride. It is really helpful to know what to expect when visiting new places. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  2. I'd love for my son to go for a horse ride! He's 3.5 and has not been on one yet. I wouldn't be happy without PPE though, though as you say, things may have changed now it's mandatory indoors. But otherwise this sounds lovely. #KCACOLS

  3. It looks like a lovely day out. It's so important to try and get out as much as is possible and safe during this pandemic. We need to remember our mental health as much as our physical! #KCACOLS

  4. My girls would love a horse ride. We have done this a couple of times and they had a great time. We haven't done this during COVID19 so not sure how it would be. It looks this place you went had all the necessary safeties. However, missing PPE is not good. I can see you had a lovely time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us at #kcacols

  5. My youngest would love to go somewhere like this. Thanks for sharing. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  6. What a lovely little place! Even though the petting area is small, it's a fab bolt on to go with the pony ride, making it feel even more special and a fuller morning or afternoon out. Did Iris carry on with the pony rides? Thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories xx

  7. We did a riding experience at a different venue last year and it was lovely for the children to have a go at something new despite covid. Thanks for linking up with MischiefAndMemories.

  8. I love this place they have expanded with lots of rare breeds in the petting area black swans / goats/ alpacas/rabbit & guini pig house / black nose Valais sheep from Switzerland/ miniature donkeys from Holland / ducks / Norwegian reindeers/ mangalitza piglets & not forgetting Ziggy the real zebra, I did the zebra experience which was awesome, I actually got up close to Ziggy & fed him photos & his life story , I felt very safe as Ziggy is in a large pen the pony rides & unicorn rides are fabulous for all ages , cafe on site is now open which is selling beautiful food there was a group having afternoon tea under the marquee that joins onto the cafe , the toilet fasciitis’s are quirky & very clean a clever idea to turn a large shed into posh toilets loved the whole place ! Atmosphere is so welcoming oh also a group of people were going out with the alpaca s for a trek ! Such a family fun place I would definitely rate equine Dreams of Bawtry 10 out of 10 car park has been extended too so lots of cars can park free of charge , ideal place for parties


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