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'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran. 

New year, new lockdown! We're one of the lucky ones, Iris is in Early Years and still able to attend her pre-school, though for how long is anyone's guess! Thankfully her setting is very small, just one room with a handful of children so I don't feel too concerned for her safety. There are daily temperature checks, new rules regarding things going in and out of the building and as much outdoor play as possible which suits Iris just fine as she's always outside whatever the weather!

This week's picture was taken at a local park. There had been an enormous puddle that appeared out of nowhere and it had frozen over. It was huge and there was so much ice to play with. We all had an absolute blast crunching our way over the puddle, picking up slabs and shattering them and gliding chunks across the puddles surface to see who get the furthest. Dare I say that I think ice is more fun than snow!

I'm grateful that Iris enjoys being outside whatever the weather as I've found getting out for a daily walk to be very beneficial for my mental health. The mental overload associated with pandemic life is really tough- I feel guilty for saying that as we're not homeschooling like the majority of the country- but I just feel so drained by everything. I feel like I'm waiting for pre-school to close, for that small window of time I get to myself to be over. I hear the news about 'further restrictions' and go into a panic about not being able to get out for that mental health release- I worry how the dog will cope if they stop us going outside. I think I need to stay away from that kind of news for a while, the scaremongering is getting ridiculous now. 

For me the not knowing and the fear of 'the next phase of lockdown' is causing me more trouble than the fear of the virus itself. Like the rest of the world I am so ready for this to be over now. Thankfully we have had some good news though, my grandparents will be receiving their first dose of the vaccine this week. Up until now the vaccine has felt like a myth but knowing someone that's actually having it has made it real and like the end really is insight. We can do this. Hang on in there. 

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Katrina Over 30s UK blogger talking about parenting, autism, mental health, books and coeliac disease. What The Redhead Said Living Arrows UK Parenting Blog Link Up Khalil Gibran Quote

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  1. Mental overload is such a good way of putting it. Its so overwhelming now is it? I dont think we will ever be told we can't go outside but is worrying to think what "stricter restrictions" might be. We all need to get out and get exercise, and a dose of Vitamin D, so you should be safe walking the dog (our lazy dog is waiting for the day he doesnt get dragged round the block and has an excuse to only every pee in the garden).

    Great news that your grandparents are set to get their vaccinations!

  2. Wow look at that ice! Amazing photo :) #livingarrows

  3. She looks so happy and excited! Athena and Troy discovered a sheet of ice in the garden the other day and it was the best thing ever for them! x

  4. Loving the ice picture. Both mine love it too. I am totally with you on the mental exhaustion I hope this coming week is kind to you

  5. Our daily walk keeps me and the kids sane! Hope you have a good week #livingarrows


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