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A Girl and Her Dog. Living Arrows. autistic and pregnant autistic mum life sharing pregnancy and parenting experiences from the autism spectrum
Ian and Iris- The Terrible Twosome

'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran. 

This photo perfectly sums up our summer. No, not the pouring rain but the closeness of these two trouble makers. Wherever one of them is the other is never far behind. I spent months of my pregnancy crying and panicking that the dog wouldn't get along with the baby and I'd be forced to get rid of him. He was my first baby, my first experience of someone needing me completely, my first taste of responsibility and the first time i'd experienced that motherly love. The thought of having to give him away haunted me throughout my pregnancy, even though I knew he was a kind soul I worried that he'd be jealous, feel left out or just hate the new arrival but I was wrong. We've got the opposite problem, they love each other too much! 

From the moment they wake up in a morning they are in cahoots. I tell either one of them off and the other one helps them be naughty. I am forever telling the dog to leave the ball pool balls alone and Iris is forever holding them out to him and laughing when he takes them. We no longer have any round balls, they are all in various states of being flattened and chewed. I think Iris prefers them that way.

She squeals with excitement when she sees his face and is constantly checking to see if he's following her. Her hair has a permanent cowlick where he 'kisses' her. She climbs on him, he licks her feet, they tear around the house sharing the destruction equally. They nap at the same time and then the carnage starts again. An unstoppable duo but I wouldn't have it any other way.

autistic and pregnant autistic mum life sharing pregnancy and parenting experiences from the autism spectrum
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Living Arrows


  1. Oh bless such a cute comment, we went to collect our pooch from kennels today following our holiday. My son was over the moon to see her, such a beautiful bond they have :)

    1. The bond between a child and their pet is wonderful, I think having pets teaches children a lot about relationships and responsibilities x

  2. I love this photo. They really do look so close! It's lovely to see such a bond develop x

    1. They were so disappointed that rain had stopped play! x


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