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Image of Best Weaning Products, Ikea Kalas Plates, Bebe style highchair from Asda, munchkin soft tips spoon, Nuby Simply Grip and Sip, Tommee Tippee Comfi Neck Bib

Weaning can be scary and just like with breast vs. bottle you will be judged on how you approach it. Sad but true. We personally adopted the baby led weaning approach and it worked exceptionally well for us and Iris is a fabulous eater but it won't work for everybody. Weaning is like the entirety of parenthood, it's down to you to work out what's best for your family and the types of product you use for weaning are also very much down to personal choice but for us these are the things that have found most useful.

Image of weaning baby eating Aldi mamia baby porridge using munchkin soft tip spoon

Munchkin Soft Tip Spoons

You would think that all spoons are created equal but we found that not to be the case. You need a baby friendly spoon that is comfortable for you to hold as well as easy for baby to grip. It needs to be soft on baby's often sore gums and it needs to be deep enough to hold food without being too deep for baby to eat from. We found these Munchkin spoons were perfect.

Nuby Simply Grip N Sip

Moving from bottle to 'sippy cup' to cup is a daunting task. There has been a lot of love for the basic tommee tippee beaker and for the munchkin 360 but neither one worked for Iris so we turned to Nuby and this Grip and Sip is perfect. My advice would be not to worry about the transition to full adult cup. Get some stacking cups for the bath, they will soon learn how to drink bath water from a cup! *eye roll*

Image of weaning toddler eating sweetcorn and pepper whilst wearing tommee tippee comfi neck bob and sitting in a bebe style highchair available from Asda.

Tommee Tippee Comfi Neck Bib

These are the best bibs for out and about. They roll up really small and help to catch all that food that inevitably gets dropped. Iris loves nothing more than investigating 'the pouch' after her plate is cleared. We are all often surprised by what she finds in there! 

Bebe Style 2 in 1 Highchair

My friend bought this as a gift. It seems rather plain but in reality isn't that all you want? I personally don't want an all singing all dancing reclining high chair. I want something easy to wipe, easy to move and safe and secure. It's a super affordable basic high chair that has coped exceptionally well with being used several times a day! 

Image of weaning toddler eating sandwich wearing Tommee Tippee Comfi neck bib and using Ikea Kalas plates.

Ikea Kalas Plates

There are plates galore when it comes to weaning babies. Plates with compartments, plates with super grip, plates with funny faces, the list goes on and whilst I agree a heavier plate with some grip is good for use at home you don't want to be lugging it round in your bag. That's why I love these Ikea plates. They are so light they can easily be popped in a changing bag. I find it so handy to carry a plate as I don't like Iris eating from trays/tables and often if the restaurant provides a small plate I spend my time worrying it's going to get broken. This way I get to relax and as Iris is so used to seeing these plates she doesn't confuse it with a discus like all other plates she encounters *further eye rolling*

Image of Best Products For Weaning Aldi Mamia Snacks Fruit Pots Apple Biscotti Raspberry Rice Cakes

Aldi Mamia Snacks

We can't talk weaning without talking about food. Yes, we would all like to cook our children freshly pureed food but that's not always manageable and a homemade casserole isn't going to travel well so forgive yourself if you resort to convenience. Jars, packets and pouches are available in abundance. Our personal favourite is the Aldi Mamia range. Our top choices include the rice cakes, crisps, biscuits and fruit pots. We always carry a snack pack of mixed finger foods for those moments when the main meal can't get to her quick enough! 

What are your weaning essentials?

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  1. Things have changed so much since I weaned my girls. There is so much more out there now. We did have those Catch It All Bibs and they were fantastic! x

  2. I must admit that weaning was one of my least favourite phases - but the IKEA plates were a win for us, we had piles of them!

  3. We're weaning at the moment and on the whole it's been quite fun but some evenings have been stressful when it comes to dinner time. I agree with you on the no frills highchair, we have a £10 Ikea Antilop and it's brilliant. We use those spoons too and they're fab to use! Great round up

  4. We did baby led weaning too, and I loved the Ikea plates - perfect for 'snacky' meal times. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. We loved using the catch-all bibs when my boys were little. My youngest used to love fishing out bits of food from it afterwards and putting it back in his mouth! #TriedTested

  6. Love Aldi snacks - I still get Mamia oaty bars for my two and they're nearly 6 haha! #mischiefandmemories

  7. Both my youngest children really enjoyed the Aldi snacks and they are great value too xx #mischiefandmemories

  8. What a great collection of items for weaning. Thinking back, the most useful thing I found was a mini steamer / blender. I wish I could remember the brand name! I used it everyday to make fresh meals and couldn't imagine not having it back then. Thank you for joining us for the #mischiefandmemories linky xx

  9. Ice cube trays! Those early days, our freezer was full of ice cubes of pureed food. Seems like sooooo long ago.. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories


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