Review | Lily and The Polar Bears by Jion Sheibani*

Image Title reads review lily and the polar bears by jion shiebani and to the right is an image of the book cover featuring a beach scene with a small girl in red swimwear looking out to sea.

Lily and Grandpa are having a lovely day at the beach but who's that floating on the ocean? 

Lily and the Polar Bears tells the tale of how Lily brings home a whole bunch of polar bears and how after some fish fingers and a bedtime story those sometimes scary and often misunderstood polar bears become part of everyday life.

Close up image of the front cover and the book title which reads Lily and The Polar Bears by Jion Sheibani and is written in a raised font surrounded by images of polar bears

Iris and I love to read together. She may not be able to 'read' but she can certainly take part, she really enjoyed the illustrations and pointing out the Polar Bears whilst I read the story aloud to her. She particularly enjoyed that the front cover was slightly raised and shiny. This gave her some sensory stimulation which makes her really happy at this age. 

Image of the inside of Lily and The Polar Bears by Jion Sheibani. This close up of the book shows Lily in a den made of cushions with a signs reading 'lily's den',  'polar bears welcome' and 'no grown ups'on it. There are polar bears surrounding the girl, listening to her read a bedtime story.

The story itself is well written, amusing and enjoyable to read aloud.  The story is well thought out and executed perfectly. The illustrations are plentiful and are bold and engaging. There are plenty of things to 'spot' and polar bears to count.

I like that this story introduces children to the concept of being open minded towards those that aren't the same as them and shows the value that different people can bring. I think it's a clever idea to make these comparisons using polar bears as it enables children to grasp complicated ideas using animals that they find entertaining. The use of gentle humour is useful in helping to keep younger children engaged and helping them to remember what they are inadvertently learning about modern society.

I think this book will grow with Iris as it's an intelligent tale that can spark many areas of conversation. You can discuss why the Polar Bears have arrived? What's happened to their home? It's possible to point out the different professions the Polar Bears take and it opens up opportunities for conversations about 'letting people into your home', which in today's society is a very important discussion to have with young children. 

Another close up of the book Lily and The Polar Bears by Jion Sheibani. The image shows the words 'and the most wonderful things of all was everyone felt at home' alongside images of a town made from scraps of paper.

Iris and I were lucky enough to be sent this book for review by Toppsta. Toppsta is a childrens book review site. We love it and it's a great place to discover you and your child's next read. 

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*Lily and The Polar Bears was sent to us to review. The fact that this item is gifted has no impact on the review. Thoughts and opinions are genuine and honest. 

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