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'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.  

Despite the ongoing Coronavirus crisis our week has been startling like normal. I think in part because it's been Daddy's first full week back at work so we've managed to get back into our 'before' routine.  We've been getting up, getting dressed and getting out the house just like we did in the pre-corona days. Obviously our activities have changed- there's no more play groups or music class but it's been nice to go to visit nannan and mama's houses and play in an environment that's not the same four walls.

We've even ventured as far as the local park, my heart was racing the whole time and my anxiety was sky high throughout even though we were the only ones there. I was watching Iris's every move, looking where her hands were going and applying hand sanitizer as often as I could without making Iris fearful.  

We've been informed by the council that the parks in our area are being sprayed and disinfected weekly and the one we use is small and doesn't get heavily used but I don't think there is anyway my anxiety will lessen until the threat has been completely eradicated. I think I just need to make peace with the fact that 'calculated risk' is how decisions will be made for a while.

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Living Arrows


  1. It's so nice to get some sort of routine and sense of normal back isn't it? It's so lovely that play parks are open! x

  2. It's such a weird time of adjustment. I'm glad you got to enjoy a change of scene #livingarrows

  3. Lovely photo, and I love her colourful outfit! One of the parks near us was open the other day (which it shouldn't have been yet here in Wales) and it honestly made me so nervous seeing little ones playing in there! I'll be the same with the hand sanitiser when I do let my 2 go back in when they open up here! x #LivingArrows

  4. I am struggling coming out of lockdown more than we did with going in. So nice to get more of a routine and get a change of scene. I am the same with play groups.

  5. She looks very pleased to be back at the park. It feels so strange to do 'normal' things now but I think the more we do them the easier it will get. #LivingArrows


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