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Image of a child swimming in a hot tub wearing arm bands/ water wings.

 'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.

We missed another Living Arrows post last week as we away again! There is such an air of uncertainty at the minute with the presence of the Indian variant, surge testing and talks of local lockdowns that I feel we need to cram as much in as we can before it gets taken away from us again. It's unnerving to think that our freedom hangs in the balance and that it can be taken away so swiftly.

We took a full week away from our normal lives and stayed at the most amazing wooden lodge ran by the most wonderful people. It was a home away from home but with a hot tub, a log burning fire and non of the stresses of work or home. It was just the three of us, me, Daddy and Iris, sadly the accommodation doesn't cater for dogs but Ian enjoyed a holiday with his Nannan and he got treated to sofa snuggles and biscuits galore so I don't think he missed us at all!

We absolutely needed this kind of holiday. We managed to balance days out at Tattershall Farm Park, Whisby Nature Centre and a day trip to the seaside with days spent lounging in the hot tub, colouring, reading and pottering about the local area. It was blissful. I haven't felt so relaxed in such a long time. Iris surprised us both by swimming across the hot tub rather than walking so our next trip to the swimming pool may hold a few pleasant surprises! 

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Living Arrows


  1. I pretty much have my head in the sand at the moment. Carrying on as we have been, distancing etc and hoping things don't get worse again x

  2. How lovely to get away. We are doing the same for similar reasons. Sounds like you managed the perfect balance and I do love the idea of a hot tub! Well done Iris on swimming

  3. Sounds like a lovely little break! Fab photo too xx


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