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Image of a young girl stood in a garden wearing pink Paw Patrol pyjamas featuring Skye from Paw Patrol as well as wearing giant blue novelty oversized sunglasses, a red velvet santa hat and a spiked flashing headband on top of the hat. Plus a Halloween tutu that is purple, orange and black. On the floor are some green Ikea Plufsig mats with dressing up/ fancy dress items such as animal masks, rabbit ear. oversized sunglasses and beards strewn across the mats.

'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran.

Well I completely overestimated my ability to keep a regular blog schedule throughout the summer holidays! We packed so much into the holidays, we had a trip to London, days out at Sundown Adventureland, sleepovers at Grandmas and trips to the seaside. It was fun but actually kind of exhausting, I'm very glad to be back to the daily grind. 

Iris has gone back to pre-school with a hop and a jump. It was her 4th birthday last week and she loved the fact that she got to spend her special day at school with her friends. There was cake and birthday songs and she took party bags for all her classmates. I can't quite believe that she's four, she's grown so much in the last year, she's lost her chubby baby face, grown out her cute little bob hairstyle and chooses her own clothes now. She missed out on starting primary school by a week and by the time she goes up next year she'll be more than ready- I'm not sure if I will be though! 

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Living Arrows


  1. She looks so happy and I love the giant sunglasses!

  2. I completely get how the summer throws everything off. I just love it when people have the chance to dip back in! x

  3. ha ha yes I didn't do much over the Summer either. Happy belated fourth birthday sounds like she had a lovely time

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful summer. And Happy Birthday to Iris - both mine are summer babies so the young ones in their classes, it’s funny how just a few weeks can make so much difference. Gabe only turned 4 2 weeks before he started school! He was definitely ready for it though :)


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