Gift Ideas For A 3 Year Old

Title image introducing the blog post. The text reads 'gift ideas for a 3 year old' and surrounding the text is various gift ideas. There is a Paw Patrol Paw Patroller, A Paw Patrol Chase Figurine and Vehicle. Several pots of Play Doh, A Multi-coloured Marble Run and A Crocodile Dentist Game.

We're back again with another collection of gift ideas, this time for 3 year olds. It's been a year since Iris's 3rd birthday and throughout the year I've kept a note of the things we used the most in order to create this gift guide. Prior to having a child of my own I'd always struggle with what to buy children of certain ages. My hope is that posts like this can help you to purchase something useful, that will be loved and is age appropriate. 

Looking back on last year's Gift Guide For 2 Year Olds I saw that Busy Books were one of our most played with items from 2-3 years of age. The Busy Books are still going strong and remain one of our most played with items but as Iris's play style changes we've expanded our range of character play to include vehicles and the vehicle that has had the most play is without a doubt the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller and the accompanying vehicles. The Paw Patrol movie is massive right now and the toys are so expensive, thankfully we got our Paw Patroller for a bargain £2.50 from our local charity shop- it's the old style, not related to the film but Iris hasn't been bothered by that at all.

Image of a young girl in t shirt that reads 'choose kindness' in rainbow colours. She is playing with a marble run toy that consists of several multicoloured tubes, she is building them into a tower. There are slides and spinning attachments strewn across the table that can be added to the tower. To the right of the girl is the box that the marble run comes in. The front of the box shows the completed marble run.

Another toy that has been played with a lot is the Marble Run, a really affordable toy that I bought from PoundToy. In fact any kind of building toy has had a lot of play, we've collected a large amount of Duplo over the last two years and that still gets played with at least weekly.

Image of a young girl in a yellow floral top and jeans. She is sat on the floor and is leaning forward playing with Duplo. Strewn across the floor are several sets of Duplo including a Duplo Number Train, Duplo My First Animals, Duplo Farm Set and The Duplo Disney Minnie and Mickey Train Set. The girl is putting the blocks together and building onto a Duplo Base Plate.

As Iris is getting older and spending more hours at pre-school she's becoming more and more interesting in educational activities and just because something is educational doesn't mean it has to be boring. Iris has loved experimenting with science kits

Image of a young girl in a school uniform wearing safety goggles over her eyes. She is sat on a red eames style chair and is mixing a white liquid (plaster of paris) inside a large metal stock pot with a wooden spoon.

Continuing with the theme of hands on activities things like Play-doh and Kinetic Sand have been a real hit this year both with Iris and myself.  At 3 years old these activities become less messy and more creative plus they are great for improving the hand strength and posture that's required to learn to hold a pen correctly.

Image of a young girl sat at a black table playing with play doh. The girl has a look of concentration as she places Play Doh into a shape maker. Across the table lie many different Play Doh moulds and cutters.

As you leave the realm of toddlerhood behind and head into the pre-school era you get to enjoy family board games. Our particular favourites have been Crocodile Dentist, Buckaroo and Hungry Hungry Hippos. It's really enjoyable to play the games from my childhood with my daughter. There's a reason these games have stood the test of time. They are simple enough for 3 year olds to grasp the rules but also exciting enough to keep their interest for a few rounds. Games also help increase concentration and help children learn to take turns and practise patience. 

As Iris gets older I've found I am enjoying playing with her more and more. It actually makes me a little sad to think that next year she'll be a full time school and we won't have the chance to do as much playing. I'll miss our pyjama play days! 

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