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Close up image of a slice of pizza. You can see the crust, the rich tomato sauce and various meat and vegetable toppings and melted cheese on top. To the left of the image is a title that reads 'coeliac, the stable, birmingham. B1 1BE,'

After a busy day at the NEC for the Allergy and Freefrom Show we headed into the city centre to visit the German Christmas Market. A quick Google of the best gluten free places to eat brought up some fabulous reviews for The Stable Birmingham so we decided to give it a try.

The Stable describe themselves as being cider connoisseurs which seems to be a fairly accurate description. There are a wide selection of specially selected ciders available alongside beers, wine and soft drinks and the food menu is packed with exciting pizza options most of which can be made plant based or gluten free including the garlic bread.

An image of a full pizze taken from above. You can see the crispy dough base, the tomato sauce, kale, chicken, onion and sweetcorn topping. The pizza is presented on a rustic board with a piece of patterned and The Stable branded piece of paper. There is also a green handled pizza cutter in the shot just underneath the pizza.

We ordered a Hen Party gluten free pizza and a gluten free cheesy garlic bread. Despite only me being gluten free we always get a full gluten free meal, especially when it comes to pizza so we can share. The pizza was amazing, so much delicious topping. Sweet onions, rich tomato sauce and chunky bites of cajun spiced chicken. It was one of the best pizzas I've tasted. The garlic bread packed a punch with it's mix of garlic, butter and parsley topped with gooey mozzarella. Delicious and amazingly affordable at only £26 for the pizza, garlic bread and two large soft drinks.

Close up image of the gluten free cheesy garlic bread. The dough base is covered in a garlic butter and topped with mozzarella. You can clearly see the green parsley that has been liberally sprinkled on top.

The staff were really informative about their gluten free offerings and really helpful. We visited around 4pm on a Saturday and the place was quite full but we managed to get a table straight away. I think if we'd had been an hour later we might have had to wait.

The atmosphere here is really relaxed with long communal tables, wooden benches and a strong industrial style. I'm not usually a fan of communal dining but groups were placed far enough apart to not feel claustrophobic and it felt as private as a separate table. There were candles on each table and the lighting was dim and cosy. It contrasted nicely with the cold wet weather outside and really made the place feel like a retreat. 

There were a lot of larger groups that were quite raucous and I got the impression that it's a popular spot for drinks as well as food. Especially as when queueing for the toilet I overheard a woman say "oh queueing already" which implies as the night goes on the place gets busier.

There are various 'Stables' situated around the country and it makes me happy to know there are other safe place for me to eat. I loved my experience here, the ambience, the great quality food and the affordable prices make it a great place to visit- coeliac or not. The fact the staff are allergen aware and i felt safe eating here means I'd definitely recommend this place and I look forward to visiting again.

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