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Coeliac | Wahaca, Southbank.

Image of the Gluten Free Pork Pibil Tacos available at Wahaca Southbank. The images shows a row of wraps filled with shredded pork and topped with fresh coriander and pink pickled onions. To the left of the image is a title that reads 'coeliac, wahaca, southbank, london, SE1 8XX

Prior to being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease I considered myself to be a real foodie. Once diagnosed I went on a bit of a mental health journey whilst I accepted my newly discovered food restrictions. I used to visit London often and thoroughly enjoyed the foodie culture, in particular the markets and street food vendors. Since going gluten free I've only visited London once and I was rather hesitant regarding food and chose to stick with well known restaurant chain, Wahaca. I know there is a vibrant gluten free foodie community just waiting for me to discover but whilst my confidence grows it's reassuring to know that there's a safe place to me eat when out and about in the city.

Coeliac | The Golden Cross, Coventry.

Image of a roast chicken dinner with vegetables, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy. Alongside the image is a title that reads 'Coeliac, The Golden Cross, Coventry, CV1 5RF,'

We recently stayed at Bede Serviced Apartments in Coventry to attend the Freefrom and Allergy Show at the Birmingham NEC. We had a spare afternoon and decided to make the most of our child free time by heading out for a meal. Eating out when you're Coeliac is an anxiety inducing occasion that requires a lot of planning, scouring menus and reading reviews. We researched gluten free places to eat in Coventry and came across the usual chain restaurants but to my delight I chanced upon a glowing review for The Golden Cross, a 17th century pub that has an entirely gluten free kitchen- what a stroke of luck to be a twenty minute walk from somewhere that sounded so amazing!

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