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Living Arrows | Smile and Wave.


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'You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth' Khalil Gibran. 

Parenting through this pandemic has been harder than I ever imagined. I'll admit that I've been jealous of those without children. I've thought about how if we didn't have Iris we would barely have left the house, how we'd have curled up and binge watching tv in peace. How much writing I could have done, how much more creative I could have been, how much tidier the house would have stayed. I feel so guilty for having such thoughts but I know I’m not alone. Being a parent is hard. We need play dates, soft plays and library sing-a-longs. Coffee dates, visiting relatives and sleepovers at Grandma’s are the fabric of our everyday life. It’s what keeps us sane. They say ‘it takes a village’ and they aren’t wrong. We’ve survived 10 long months without that village and that is something to be proud of. 

Visiting Equine Dreams During The Covid-19 Pandemic

This review is slightly different to the ones I've previously written (Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Rufford Abbey Park, Thoresby Hall Park) as this is a place that I hadn't visited pre-Covid-19 and so I can't really compare their new procedure to their old one, I can only comment on how I feel they've catered to the needs of the Covid-19 world.

Visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Image Of Two Tigers Lounging In Their Enclosure Surrounded By Leafy Greenery At Yorkshire Wildlife Park Text On Image Reads Visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park During The Covid 19 Pandemic

We've held annual passes to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the last few years so it's a place we know well but due to the coronavirus pandemic it's undergone some changes recently to enable visitors to safely access the site. As someone with Aspergers I find comfort in familiarity and predictability so these changes  have been quite upsetting me for me even though I completely understand the need for them. I think all people, whether they have Aspergers or not, could do with some predictability right now so hopefully this review will help you understand some of the changes that have been made and help you assess whether visiting is right for you in the current climate.

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