Me and Mine | September 2018

I've seen the 'Me and Mine' link up appear on quite a few of the blogs I follow and decided to have a go myself. I love the idea that it's about sharing a photograph of the whole family as more often than not it's one of us taking a picture of the other two so it's good to be making a conscious effort to get us all in front of the camera.

September has always felt like the month of new beginnings and none more so than last year as we began our journey as a family. The last year has flown by and now our tiny newborn is a fully fledged toddler and it's just as terrifyingly exciting as having a newborn! She's hilarious, always grinning and loves to eat. She's getting more and more confident on her feet and it won't be long until she's walking independently. I couldn't have imagined our little baby turning into such a character. She's been a dream to parent and long may that continue. The above photo was taken in the car park as we sat waiting for her birthday announcement to air on the radio!

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  1. Welcome to Me And Mine! I've been doing this for nearly five years now and although it's sometimes hard to get the pictures every month it's so lovely to have them all to look back on. #MeandMine


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