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Gift Ideas For A 2 Two Year Old Duplo, Leapfrog, Balance Bike, Books,

It's been almost a whole year since Iris's 2nd birthday. It's been quite the year for us personally and also for the world as a whole. With the Coronavirus still raging across the world and the heightened anxiety about social interactions we've decided against a party for Iris this year which is rather sad as all she's actually asked for is her friends to come and play and a cake. I hope we can still give her an amazing third birthday. Over the last year we've had the chance to work out the most played with, most used and most helpful items from last years gifts and here they are, our collection of perfect gifts for 2 year olds.

We've never gone overboard with gifts and certainly not toys but the one thing that I would absolutely recommend buying is a balance bike. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, we bought Iris the Chicco Red Bullet and a children's cycle safety set. I can't believe how quickly she picked up balancing on this. Within no time at all she was whizzing up and down the street (and the hallway in the house). Iris has consistently played with her bike throughout the entire year and it has been really good to take with us on long walks as she no longer likes to go in her stroller but can't walk too far but will happily ride her bike for miles.

Image of a female toddler caught in mid air whilst jumping in a large muddy puddle. She is wearing a full length all in one waterproof suit in a Gruffalo pattern

In line with a bike and getting outdoors I'd recommend a decent quality waterproof all in one. It'll protect clothing from mud and scrapes and provide some much needed protection from the elements whilst out and about. It's also a must for puddle jumping which is something most toddlers love to do (thanks Peppa!). We got an excellent one from Sainsburys.

Wellington boots are an excellent gift idea. Iris's Auntie bought her some gorgeous Hunter Wellington Boots.They were bought a size bigger and worn with welly socks so they lasted for longer and now she's outgrown them they are still in perfectly good condition to either sell on or save for the next one.

Iris got some lovely dresses but in reality the most useful items were tights, socks, vests, basic leggings and t shirts. As much as I want to be environmentally minded at this age it's not always possible. Clothes get ruined all the time with paint, mud and toilet training accidents so having a stock pile of basics will always be appreciated.

Iris's imagination has been in full swing and grown so much throughout the year. There is nothing she loves more than role play. Her favourite role play toys are her Leapfrog picnic basket, doctors set, and leapfrog till.

Image of female toddler holding a stethoscope to the chest of a brown staffordshire bull terrier.

Iris has also started to explore the creative side of her imagination and loves role playing events with small figures such as Playmobil and Sylvanian families. She's also spent many, many hours building imaginary worlds with her Duplo.

Image of a female toddler playing with Lego Duplo

We bought her a Trolls busy book that has been a real success. Busy books are a great gift idea, they are affordable, stimulating and fun. In fact books and puzzles are always a good idea for children's gifts. Bedtime stories, interactive lift the flap books and simple puzzles are some of our most used items.

So there we have it, a comprehensive list of the best gifts for two year olds. If you're looking for gifts for a younger child then take a peek at my gifts for one year olds and check back this time next year for my gift guide for three year olds!

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  1. Some really brilliant ideas here! #kcacols

  2. An all in one and wellies are an absolute must for all 2 year olds. My kids loved the Leapfrog picnic basket and still have it at 6 & 4. #KCACOLS

  3. What a great selection of gifts for a two year old. I found with my little one everything was better if it was pink and sparkly! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  4. My kids had loads of busy books. They loved them. They have now been passed to my Godson who is really enjoying them too. Some of them are 9 years old now! Some great ideas here. Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog

  5. That's a great list of gift ideas. I completely agree with you on a decent all-in-one waterproof and wellies - all three of my children have had a lot of use out of theirs and they're still going strong having been handed down through them all as well! Duplo is briliant - my seven year old is still happy to play with it with her little brother. Busy books are great gift ideas too. #fortheloveofblog

  6. We'll have a second birthday coming up in the not too distant future so this is a great post for me - thanks so much for linking up with #fortheloveofblog!

  7. Duplo! I was very sad when I finally ebayed our set on. (Kept the lego tho! It did last a good 15 years in pristine condition regardless of much use) #MischeifandMemories


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