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Books | The Best Interactive Books For Children

Image shows a baby sat on the floor surrounded by a variety of hardback books aimed at babies. To the right of the image is a title that reads 'books, the best interactive books for children,'

It's no surprise that we love books in our house. Reading has been such an important aspect of my life and is an activity that the family regularly enjoy together. It's easy to think of books as being just bedtime stories but books have so many other valuable learning and playing aspects beyond just getting a child to sleep at night. Below is a small selection of our favourite interactive books.

*please note this post contains gifted items, all opinions remain unaltered by this. Words and opinions are my own.  Affiliate links maybe used. These may earn me a small commission but the reader will incur no cost. Thank you for supporting my blog.

Most Used | 2-3 Years

Katrina Over 30s UK blogger talking about parenting, autism, mental health, books and coeliac disease. Most Used items two 2 3 three year old

The terrible twos. The age of "I don't want to walk" but "I don't want to go in the buggy". The urgent cries of "I need a wee-wee" followed by a mad panic and no actual weeing taking place. A challenging year yet an amazing one. The year of long winded conversations and awkward observations in the most inappropriate of places. The emergence of people skills, kindness, turn taking, please and thank yous. A bright and brilliant time. Here's the things we've used the most throughout this wonderfully daunting year.

Days Out | Equine Dreams of Bawtry

Image title reads 'days out visiting equine dreams, north view farm, bawtry road, tickhill, DN11 9H , image to the right shows a woman and her daughter stroking a horse.

This review is slightly different to the ones I've previously written (Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Rufford Abbey Park, Thoresby Hall Park) as this is a place that I hadn't visited pre-Covid-19 and so I can't really compare their new procedure to their old one, I can only comment on how I feel they've catered to the needs of the Covid-19 world.

Visiting Rufford Abbey Park During The Covid-19 Pandemic

image title reads 'days out visiting rufford abbey country park, ollerton, nottinghamshire, NG229DF,'. Image to the right is of the woodland, pram and disabled friendly pathway and the large lake with ducks and geese that is in the centre of the park.

Rufford Abbey is one of my favourite places in existence. I've been a regular visitor for the last 10 years and even have old camcorder footage of me there with my grandparents when I was just a toddler. We love it so much it is our wedding destination of choice when the coronavirus allows us to resume our wedding plans. It's a place firmly etched into my heart but like everywhere it's undergone some changes recently.

Days Out | Thoresby Park

Image title reads 'days out visiting thoresby park, nr. ollerton, nottinghamshire, NG22 9EP,' Image to the right is of Thoresby hall and Gardens

After the success of visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park we decided to venture out again. Initially we planned to head to Rufford Abbey Country Park but found that it was pre-paid parking only and though we have an annual pass, the people we were meeting didn't so we took a detour instead and headed towards Thoresby Park.

Days Out | Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Image title reads 'days out, yorkshire wildlife park, dn9 3hq image to the right is of two polar bears playing in their enclosure at yorkshire wildlife park

We've held annual passes to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the last few years so it's a place we know well but due to the coronavirus pandemic it's undergone some changes recently to enable visitors to safely access the site. As someone with Aspergers I find comfort in familiarity and predictability so these changes  have been quite upsetting me for me even though I completely understand the need for them. I think all people, whether they have Aspergers or not, could do with some predictability right now so hopefully this review will help you understand some of the changes that have been made and help you assess whether visiting is right for you in the current climate.

Most Used Items | 0-12 Month

Image of the items we used most throughout the 0-12 month age group. Shows image of muslin cloths, mam dummy/ pacifier, mam anti colic bottles, pvc wipe clean changing mat and East Coast 2 in 1 Rocker.

As first time parents we were easily convinced that we needed so many different things for our little bundle. Despite doing my research there were things that worked and things that didn't. It's largely to do with trial and error. Some babies will take to certain things and not others but these are the things that we found most useful in our first 12 months with Iris.

Travel | 72 Hours in Amsterdam (Child Free!)

Image title reads 'travel 72 child free hours in amsterdam' the image to the right shows a view of an Amsterdam canal taken from a bridge featuring a bicycle and flowers

We visited Amsterdam for a very specific reason and that was to see Ed Sheeran. We'd tried for hours to get tickets to any UK venue but it just wasn't happening so when we found tickets for Amsterdam that were cheaper and readily available we dived right in and decided to make a weekend of it. We flew from our local airport that is just 20 minutes away and we stayed at NH Museum Quarter. The hotel was in the perfect location, just a five minute walk from the beautiful Museum quarter and we were lucky enough to have a room with a canal view. The rooms were light and spacious and thankfully offered guest controlled air conditioning as we stayed during the summer heatwave.

Review | Lily and The Polar Bears by Jion Sheibani*

Image Title reads review lily and the polar bears by jion shiebani and to the right is an image of the book cover featuring a beach scene with a small girl in red swimwear looking out to sea.

Lily and Grandpa are having a lovely day at the beach but who's that floating on the ocean? 

Lily and the Polar Bears tells the tale of how Lily brings home a whole bunch of polar bears and how after some fish fingers and a bedtime story those sometimes scary and often misunderstood polar bears become part of everyday life.

Most Used Items | Our Weaning Essentials

Image of Best Weaning Products, Ikea Kalas Plates, Bebe style highchair from Asda, munchkin soft tips spoon, Nuby Simply Grip and Sip, Tommee Tippee Comfi Neck Bib

Weaning can be scary and just like with breast vs. bottle you will be judged on how you approach it. Sad but true. We personally adopted the baby led weaning approach and it worked exceptionally well for us and Iris is a fabulous eater but it won't work for everybody. Weaning is like the entirety of parenthood, it's down to you to work out what's best for your family and the types of product you use for weaning are also very much down to personal choice but for us these are the things that have found most useful.

Gift Ideas For A One Year Old

Gift Guide For One Year Olds Featuring  Musical Instruments Bubble Mix Crayons Trolley Books

They always warn you that children grow so fast but until you've had a child of your own you don't really understand just what that statement means. From birth to 12 months old your child completely transforms from a helpless newborn that is entirely dependant on you to a feisty, independent toddler. 

At this age attention spans are short but there is so much development happening that the right toys can be instrumental in aiding a child's development. This is the age where 'learn through play' really starts to develop and it is a joy to watch. This gift guide aims to provide gift suggestions that will keep a child engaged and allow them to exercise all their newly developing skills.

Review | Mutsy Evo Travel System

Image title reads review mutsy evo travel system image to the right is of a black framed travel system with a dark grey carry cot and a cognac leather handle

Mutsy? Not a brand you've heard of right? Prior to attending the Baby Show at Birmingham NEC in 2017 I hadn't heard of them either. I researched all the pram and pushchair brands that were going to be at the show, the price points and read any reviews I could find. We knew we wanted an all-in-one system, something with a carrycot, that could adapt to fit a car seat and then convert to a stroller. We wanted a product that would last for years but we didn't want to spend a fortune. Practicality and quality engineering were paramount, 'designer' brands were irrelevant. Prior to the show I'd narrowed it down to four options. The moment I saw the Mutsy Evo Stroller and Carrycot the others were blown right out the water.

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